Friday, April 3, 2009

All that work down the drain. I want to quit.

OMG I am ready to scream. My hair has been growing like crazy and Ive been so tickled with it. Today I went to the barber and told him to cut the top down so its even so I could get rid of the pancake puff.

I have no hair. 9 months of hair GONE! My hair is almost as short as it was when I first chopped it off. I cant twist it. I cant wear a headband. My beautiful puff...poof! WHY???? Why are men so literal? Just cuz I said even my hair up does not mean cut it to the shortest length! I said cut the TOP to make it even. What would anyone think a WOMAN who came in looking like Don King would want such a low cut? Wouldnt you ask to make sure? Should I not go to barbers? It didnt feel like he was doing anything. I saw very little hair fall. Now I'm bald, mad and setback 6 mo! I know there is nothing I can do now. This looks worse than my 1st BC because of the shape. I look like a DUDE! This has been a week from hell. Trying to recover from another round of court hearings for the girls and a stomach bug that has had me and PB weak and cranky. Im just sick. I dont know if i want to start all over. I may have to fork out the cash for braids or invest in a instaweave since I threw all my old hair out. Ooo yall pray!

A picture I was going to post about how bigger twist made my twist out curlier a couple of weeks ago:

This today. Fresh from the shower and mad enough to spit: