Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bald spot 1st three months

a comic strip!

Not too much going on with my hair. It is growing and getting thick. I still only wear a headband and wash n go sometimes. Its almost too long to WnG. At least I dont like the look of it that way. It needs a few more inches to be a true afro. I get alot of shrinkage lately. I only wash once or twice a week now because of it. The good news is the bald spot is just about gone!! I still love and think i am ready to braid it. One of my BFs got her hair braided into almost micros and man she looked great. I am tempted. I love me with longer hair. I still dont feel particularly "pretty" like this. Winter is comming and im not sure how my hair will handle it but I am excited to be able to wear a hat!!