Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let it be- Does size matter?

Ive been quiet.  Letting my hair just be. Ive not done any more styling mainly because I havent gone anywhere.  I get my first retie on the 7th.  I got a private message this week questioning my locks. My grid..everything. I was advised maybe I don't have sisterlocks due the size of my locks and the grid.  I know she used the SL tool. I saw her with it several times.  We talked about my grid due to the sparsity of my hair I wasnt too hung up on precision.  Now....I dont know.  This person said if I were to go to another SL person they would most likely wouldn't not be able to do anything unless they took them down. This was honestly the whole reason for picking SLs.  I want to be able to go to someone specific.  I have horrible luck with beauticians, hair braiders...ect.  Only one in Dayton has ever been on point with skill and profession. I am never going to be a DIYer. I wanted to be able to find a SL person and trust that they would know what and how to do my hair.  Having SL would make that easier than trying to find random locticians with random skills.  I know I need to have a with my trainee. Until then I am just torturing myself.

I haven't done anything to my hair.  Trying to let it just be.  I haven't taken many pictures.  Its hard to get good detail shots of hair!!  Here they are though.