Monday, September 19, 2011

Natural Hair Pet Peeves-GET OUT OF MY HEAD


  1. People (and companies) that talk about using oil for moisture.  Oil does NOT moisturize your hair.  It can soften, seal, protect, but not moisturize.
  2. People who say “twa” as oppose to “t-w-a” this is just annoying.  It seems like you are trying to sound faux-french or fancy.
  3. People who go on message boards or FB pages and ask questions without first reading a book, googling or simply reading previous posts.
  4. Companies that take some shea butter mix it up with some essential oils then try to sell a 4oz jar for $12. Stop. It. Now.
  5. People who complain about their hair being dry but drink less than 1 glass of actual water a day.  Your body needs water and your hair and skin will be the first to suffer the consequences, so drink up.
  6. 18-month long protective style challenges.  I’m exaggerating but what is the point of having something nice if you never show it off? Reminds me of Smiegel from Lord of the Rings.
  7. Company’s marketing gimicks that claim far-fetched returns on some basic ingredient that is last on the ingredients list.  *smh*
  8. Hair Vitamins/Supplements.  I don’t really hate vitamins, but I hate that ppl put more faith in taking a magic pill then actually eating a balanced diet.
  9. Fake product reviews on Youtube where the product was not properly applied or even used correctly.  Have some intellectual honesty.  I once saw a review where a girl applied a new gel on hair that already had product in it from earlier that day and only applied it to her hair line then called it a great definer.  C’mon son.
  10. People who OVER do it when it comes to the amount of a product or the number of products used.  I have seen people use an entire 8 oz jar of come hair cream to twist their hair which was maybe chin length when stretched then wondered why their hair felt coated.  Less is more.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Best times to drink Water

 I really gotta work on this!

The Best Times To Drink H20

You CANNOT survive without drinking water. Point. Blank. Period.
Your body thrives off it. Your body needs it and your body performs better when there’s a surplus of it. Your hair reacts positively to plenty of water as well.
But did you know there are optimal times to drink water? (Yea, who knew?)
Aside from the recommended eight glasses a day, if you drink water at certain times, you can prevent health risks. Wanna know the top four times to have a glass of agua? Get your pen and pad ready.
1) Two glasses of water after waking up helps to activate internal organs
So, you know when you first get up, you’re kind of out of it, right? You need to wipe the morning crust out of your eye and then get situated. Well, your body does too. If you drink two glasses of cold water in the morning your internal organs begin to wake up as well, which helps you take on the day. Dope, right?
2) One Glass Of Water 30 Minutes Before Bed Helps Digestion.
There’s nothing like a nice home-cooked meal. Especially if that meal happens to come equipped with baked mac-and-cheese, greens and dressing. Now, meals like that are a once in a while venture, but if you drink a nice glass of water before you chow down, it’ll help you when it’s time for you to go, ya know?
3) One Glass of Water Before Taking A Bath Helps To Lower Blood Pressure.
On the work days when your boss is on 10 and the fax machine always seems to jam up when you use it, and the phones are ringing non stop, a bath is well deserved. However, just because you’ve left the office doesn’t mean your heart or the rest of your internal organs realize it. Drink one glass of water before you take a bath and the mounting blood pressure that’s occurred because of your 9 to 5 ,will be a thing of the past.
4) One Glass of Water Before Bed Can Help Avoid Stroke or Heart Attack

Satin Bonnet Struggles

Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Ways To Wear Your Twists:: Protective Styles For Colder Months (Natura...

Must try these

Monday, September 5, 2011

Diva white dinner

Nothing to do with hair but my BFFs of 20+yrs get together once a month for dinner.  We went to the Melting Pot last week and decided to all wear white.  We all looked so good I cant help but share.

Side note on the weight loss.  I'm still stalled but things are moving and settling out.  I can really tell in my face and lower half lately.  I almost don't recognize me.  LOL

30 day photo challenge in review

Im back!!

The diva week in Orlando was AWESOME.  I came back with a lovely kidney stone Im still trying to pass.  I think I took a picture every day...along with 600 other photos!!  Yea..really...600.  I love taking pictures.  Im gonna make a slide showing showing my hairstyles.  I did have them numbered but lost track half way through.

Shealoe – Shea Butter + Aloe Vera Gel | Natural Hair Rules!!! Natural Hair Styles, Hair Care, & Inspiration

Shealoe – Shea Butter + Aloe Vera Gel | Natural Hair Rules!!! Natural Hair Styles, Hair Care, & Inspiration