Saturday, July 30, 2011


I havent twisted my hair in ages but after the concert I had to wash and condition my hair so I said what the hay.  No major plans so I can keep them in for 4-5 days. ummm yeahhhh....way too much work.  Took all day and not even close to presentable.  Oh well thats what headbands are for.

Dead tired after the Def Leppard concert.  Fake puff over my hair since I knew Id be soaked in sweat from dancing in the heat.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Good Hair Blog: Protective Style Challenge

The Good Hair Blog: Protective Style Challenge: "As many of you know, I've been wearing protective styles for months now. Since about December I have tried to wear my hair (95% of the t..."

Im going to try this challenge for the next 3 months!! I have the tools and options...I just need to do it. I suffer hand in hair syndrome really bad.

How to meet that goal:

  • NO cutting (unless you have to eliminate single strand knots)
  • NO dry brushing/combing
  • Handle your hair with care
  • Wash when NECESSARY (I will be washing my hair in between protective styles, about once ever 2.5 weeks)
  • Deep conditioning 2x a month
  • Sealing moisture into the hair to eliminate breakage and dryness
  • Keeping ends tucked and in styles that are low maintenance
  • Taking vitamins and drinking ample amounts of water
Style Options:

  • Buns
  • Twists
  • Braided updos
  • Full weave installs (where hair is SEWN NOT GLUED)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wet Bunning on Natural Hair

This is how to do a bun without the foam thingy. I think I have enough length for it.

Ohio is hot as H-E-L-L

I actually had to leave the house today and had lunch with former coworkers.  Its been too long.  I fussed a few mins over what to do with my hair but as hot as it is.....Nothing to do but bun today.

I used the foam thingy to make the donut bun.  My friend told me foam damages the hair.  Just my luck.  I guess I will try to twist like Elle.  I gotta find the tutorial she did.

Carrier Oils, Essential Oils & My Other Natural Products!

Oils broken down

Sunday, July 17, 2011

✿ 68 ✿ My ONE Hairstyle for ANY Occasion!

How cute is this?!!!? Im gonna have to try it too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to use apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Here is the recipe that we use for ACV:

2 Tablespoons ACV
1 cup (8 oz) of warm water

We have used both a spray bottle and a squirt bottle to add it to the hair and have found that a spray bottle with a stream option works best for us.  Getting the ACV to the roots of the hair is the most important for all of it's benefits, so just a straight spray wouldn't really work in getting it where it needs to go.  The squirt bottle was helpful, but actually was a little hard to control where the flow was going. That's just our experience, though.

You can actually use ACV instead of shampoo.  In fact, we do not use shampoo at all anymore.  We will either co-wash (conditioner-only wash) or use ACV when I good clarifying wash is necessary.  Boo's hair stays nicely moisturized and yet perfectly cleaned without having to use heavily alkaline shampoo products.

So, back to the gunk, or goo, that Mama Holli was asking about.  You can use the AVC rinse just like you would a shampoo to cleanse all of the hair, or you can spot use it on just some trouble spots, like the little areas around the area where it built up around a rubber band. Either way, it's been our go-to way of attacking the goo and a very inexpensive way to do so.

On a side note, I have only used the raw, organic version of ACV, like Bragg's. I would imagine the benefits would be greater the closer the ACV is to it's original state. I can only assume that the more processed the ACV is, the less likely you are to see its full benefits. Also, the health benefits outlined above are not exclusive to chocolate hair! They are equally as useful for vanilla hair and can be used as a clarifying shampoo for any hair type when you want a more natural way to wash hair and/or you just want to get that greasy, oily feeling out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Banded Ponytails Protective Style TUTORIAL for CurlyKinkyCoily (med to l...

I know my head is too big for this style but its easy and quick...and well...I cant do nothing about my block head so Im gonna rock it anyways.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Natural product...junkie

Ok, so I did some cleaning out of my products and decided I didnt really have a whole lot.  Im dont think Im a product junkie.  Now I might be a slight hoarder of natural oils...but I just like to be prepared.  The few commercial products I have I dont really use often but Im reluctant to let them go.  I might need them in a pinch or something.  LOL

My cowashes.  I rotate these...there are probably 3 other bottles in the shower.  Almost everything has some sort of oil added to it.

 These are my spritz's of various concoctions.  There is glycerin, vitamin E in every one of them..some have conditioner in.  The application bottle is my castor oil/tea tree mix.
 My main essential oils
 The styling products...there arent that many.  I am slowly working through the Carol's daughter stuff and the eco gels.  Now that Im using my own flax seed gel I probably dont need them never know,
I really dont shampoo often...maybe once a month depending on how heavy I get with stuff.  Again everything has an oil or 3 added into it.  The soaps are new.  Cant wait to see how they work,

My beloved oils...I just want to add some avocado oil...I need some  more coconut oil too....hmm

Thursday, July 7, 2011

wash ands go with my homemade flax seed gel

I did a wash n go today for the first time in probably 6-8 months. I used flaxseed gel I made. My tiny curls are hanging tough. Shrinkage is just foul but the definition is cool. Thinking about pineapple it tonight and see how day 2 fairs.  its alittle crunchy right now but bouncy. I washed and didnt put an oil underneath the gel so I think that has something to do with it because when I use it other times it is soft. The gel itself is almost like eco styler...more gooey...snotty for lack of a better word. Its in an old soap dispenser bottle.  I added some tea tree, rosemary and vit E.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Things O'Natural: Let's Talk Hair: The Benefits of COOL WATER RINSIN...

All Things O'Natural: Let's Talk Hair: The Benefits of COOL WATER RINSIN...: " Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone. So what's the benefit of cool water rinsing?? I'm sure ,at some point during your..."

Cool Water Rinsing: Why It Works

Each hair has three layers: the innermost layer, the cuticle; the middle layer, the cortex; and the outer layer, which is comprised of scales arranged like the shingles on a roof. Warm water opens up the cuticle, causing the scales on the outer layer to stick out. This makes it possible for shampoos and conditioners to penetrate the hair shaft more easily. But if the cuticle is left open, the scales continue to stick out, and they make the hair look frizzy, rough and damaged. Rinsing the hair with cool water causes the cuticle to close again. When the cuticle is closed, the scales on the surface of the hair shaft lie flat, and the hair looks smooth and shiny.

Twist Out Method 101: How-To and Maintaining

I really need to learn how to twist like this. Her hair is just wow

Dead Prez " The Beauty Within" (Official Video).mov

So many versions....visions of beauty

Monday, July 4, 2011

Afro Day today

The top half of my head is very fine with little curl. I managed to coax ole girl into representing for the holiday. The polar bear and I went to dinner and it was funny the folks looking at my hair. Im not sure Ive ever noticed it before but it was definite "Oh look". I guess it was pretty out there.

Im kinda/sorta/not really worried about detangling because I had to tease the top abit to stand up. She did good. Im becoming quite proud of her.

Mr. likes to take pics when you not looking

I did feel pretty with her just running free.

How To Transition Or Protective Style With A Weave

Current naturalistas, if you want to use hair pieces for protective styling, that’s cool too. Just pay very close attention to maintenance and hair hygiene. Follow my 4 tips, and in no time, you’ll be well on your way to gorgeous natural hair!

1. Watch your hairline and loosen up

It’s not a good look to wear a wig that looks like its eating your forehead or wear extensions that are so tight that your eyebrows stay raised in a perpetually surprised look. And besides not being a good look, these are also the quickest ways to cause hair loss. Every time you remove that hair piece, you’re stripping hair right out of your follicles- which equals permanent hair loss. So if you want to use a hair piece, avoid tight styles and do not glue anything directly to your hair or hairline.

2) Take vitamins

When you wear a hair piece, it’s important to remember that you should also be paying attention to the health of your own natural hair underneath. There will come the time when you won’t want to wear your weave/wig anymore. So while you’re rocking your cute little hair piece, make sure to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and take vitamins. The thing to remember is that healthy hair starts from the inside out. So take a good multivitamin, biotin, or prenatal vitamins, which are great for optimal hair growth and hair health.

3) Moisturize your natural hair

While you wear your hair piece, you should also make sure you moisturize your natural hair- don’t just forget about it underneath your hair piece. There are tons of hair products options. I’m natural haired, was recently featured in Essence and talked about some of the hair products I use. You will have to experiment with what works for you. There’s bad stuff, good stuff, and great stuff. And when it comes to the bad stuff, I will say that there are a few ingredients that you should definitely limit or avoid. These ingredients are sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, petroleum and mineral oil- all of which cause buildup, are drying, pore-clogging and moisture-blocking. Instead use products from reputable brands, as well as products that contain great moisturizers like olive oil and jojoba oil.

4) Regularly shampoo, condition, and style

I cannot stress enough that regular shampooing, conditioning, and styling is a very important part of transitioning/protective styling with a weave or wig. Don’t go longer than 1 week without washing your hair. Buildup of hair products and bacteria, can lead to mild and even serious scalp inflammation and infections, which can also lead to hair loss. And if you’re fortunate not to get an infection, there is the embarrassment of having smelly hair. And nobody wants that. Basically, you can’t just slap on a hair piece and think that’s the end of things. You have to be as meticulous as you would have been without the hair piece. Comb it. Wash it. Style it. Wrap your hair at night. Be good to it. Love it! Even though it’s not your actual hair, it’s still a product that needs to be taken care of and maintained as you transition.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fake puff for protection

Fake puff on the left...real puff on the right:

A smaller one with lighter color

NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY: Over the Past 5 Years (Waistlength)

I just saw this video. This diva now has waist length hair. 5-6 yrs. Simply amazing. 4a/b hair too. Just wow.

Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Curly Hair Care: 7 Signs You May Be Obsessed With Your Natural Hair...

Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Curly Hair Care: 7 Signs You May Be Obsessed With Your Natural Hair...: "Photo Source by Tammy of CurlyChics When the love of your natural hair crosses the line to Obsessionville, it may be time to reevaluate ..."

I might have a problem.

1. You treat your hair like another human being
You often refer to your coils as "her", as if you are speaking about one of your friends and have even given them a name.

"Mahogany and I are spending some quality time together this weekend”.

2. No conversation goes by without mention of your hair
Your friends are apprehensive about even mentioning the word “hair” for fear that you will start on a natural hair tirade. You repeatedly chant India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” however; your afro almost always ends up being the topic of discussion. You turn something totally unrelated into a dialogue about natural hair.

Your friend: “It’s raining outside”
You: “I’m glad I’m natural, I don’t have to worry about rain”

3. You spend hour after hour perusing the Natural Hair blogs and Twitter
Your entire day is centered around the latest and greatest products or hairstyles for natural hair. You find it difficult to focus at work until you’ve had your cup of joe and done your daily natural hair blog browsing and you can’t wait to get home to your laptop in the evenings to continue.

Mae's Updated BLOW OUT Regimen

i WISH mine would blowup like this