Thursday, November 20, 2008

I did it!!

My own twist. Course they look a hot mess but I did it all by myself. They stayed together. ANDDD My hair is actually long enough for these man hands to wrap around!!!! Yippppeeee! I did these after cowashing my hair. BTW I am washing less and less. My hair shrinks so much I cant stand it and it takes at least a week before it gets managable. After these twist overnight I just spritzed with my glycerine, vit E, Castor Oil, Jojoba oil and suave conditioner and picked it out.

I finally made Shaloe butter and my hair is soooo loving it!! I melted the yellow Shae butter and allot of aloe vera, some vitamin E and Castor oil. Mixed it all up and BAM! It really makes my hair so soft.

I had to give up on the olive oil. It seemed to kinda just sit on my hair and get crunchy.
I am now at the legnth I need to do something. Wash and go looks weird. I look like whats her name on What's Happening....the waitress that was always mad. The headbands dont look right anymore either. I suppose I should cut the top off and even it up all around but if I loc or braid it I think I want the top alittle longer.

I dont know. Thats it for now. Im going to try to get some decent hair pics up. I never remember until after the fact.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The new face of America

The new face of America

This is the picture that brought tears to my eyes. This black man with his black wife and those beautiful chocolate little girls will be in the White House. If you are not black you cannot come close to understanding the power their mere presence has. My little chocolate girls don't see their likeness on TV very often and when they do it isn't necessarily positive but they stopped playing ring-around-the-rosie last night and watched little girls that looked like them walk on to a stage representing their country. While they didn't truly understand the significance, their mere presence was enough to stop them. While I sat in my husbands arms and watched this new 1st family the woman and the little girl in me cried. As my daddy has only able to say " I just never woulda thought"