Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 11

Alittle better.  I just "flat twisted"...(I use the term loosly) the front and pulled the rest back with a goody clip.  The polar bear says it was a very June Cleaver-ish style...maybe it was my flower print Blossom dress...i dont know..but..I think it works....mostly.

30 day photo challenge Day 10 was just a bad hair day....aint nothing much to say about it.  LOL

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 8 & 9


 Today was DC with Aussie Moist 3 min re constructor and coconut oil for a few hours and cowash/band.

I started packing for the diva trip.  Im a bad packer..I dont think I can do 8 days with less than 3 bags.  Clothes are done in 2 but I still got shoes, bathroom and hair stuff and jewelry to do.  Thats another bag.

I only managed a few pics yesterday.
Day 8

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day7

Im getting ready to go on the diva trip with my BFFs.  We are going to Orlando, FL. Im very excited.  J and I went to my stepmom, who makes jewlry, to get some peices for the trip.  I got caught in a downpour of rain and my hair frizzed up some but not horrible.  I really like this routine so 8-10 twist and twist-out the next day.  Id like to think its ok to wear it like this more often than not.  Its not a protective style but Im not putting any tension or raking through it alot.

J and I played Beauty Shop.  I blew out her fro and put it up and puffs and then made her some flax seed gel that wasnt as stinky...The lemon was abit strong though.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 6

Been shopping and running around today.  Just managed one pic.  I did mist and retwist my hair last night.  I think I can really dig this style!!  Note the awesome jewelry from Natural Hair Wear!!

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Mineral Oil is Evillllll!! (or maybe not?)

Thank God for the smart folks who can break it down!

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Mineral Oil is Evillllll!! (or maybe not?): "Ok so I really don't do sensationalist headlines, please blame this one on Alice ( fab blog ) who sent this email with this title to me :). ..."

Specifically for hair, mineral oil is useful for

1. Preventing the hair fibre from swelling too much when placed in water (see this post).
2. Preventing moisture entry in humid conditions (see this post)
3. Preventing UV damage to hair by forming a 'protective' layer which stops breakdown of the amino acids in the hair (Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, pg 109-122, 1993).

The sticking point (pun intended) of mineral oil is simply that, it sticks to the outside of the hair. It does not penetrate the hair like coconut oil does. Therefore, it is perhaps not the most beneficial oil that could be used on hair.

I definitely also agree that some hair can handle mineral oil better than others. Factors that could affect this include

1. How often you wash your hair with shampoo (more washing less build up)
2. How far up is mineral oil on the ingredient list on the product (top 5 listing means more mineral oil than if it appears in the bottom 5)
3. How often do you use the product with mineral oil (daily use probably means more accumulation than weekly or fortnightly use).

Avoiding mineral entirely for whatever reason is not bad, however using pseudo science to justify this is the problem.

NaturallyCurly's Frizz Forecast

NaturallyCurly's Frizz Forecast: "View a forecast of frizz-levels in your area"

NaturallyCurly's Frizz Forecast gives you instant weather reports on conditions that can cause frizzy hair. You'll also get recommendations for frizzy hair remedies to keep your hair looking great—whatever the conditions are outside. Just enter your hair type and location to get your forecast now.

Friday, August 5, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 5

Went to see planet of the apes with the polar bear.  I loved it. 
My hair did great.  Still had alot of curl. I just put some flax seed gel to redefine the top and moved my part to the center.  I always like it when I see it on other women....on me...eyyyy.  I dont know.  I will mist and do 6-8 twist tonight and wear down again tomorrow I think.  Try and make that part better looking.  LOL
  I got one decent picture of my curl pattern before I got ready.  I suck at taking pics...but love to take them.  LOL.

Edgy Twist Out on Natural Hair

Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 4

Ive not left the house today so I decided to tuck and roll my curls.  The flaxseed has my hair still so soft...and curly.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 day photo challenge Day 3

yesterday was day 2

Today is Day 3  Last night i lightly misted with green tea spritz to finger comb and make 9 Miss Ceily twist braids using my flax-seed gel. Today I separated with a bit of avocado oil on my hands.

frizzed out twist out...

Part of my problem too was spritzing before hand. I didnt intend on taking them down when I did. LOL...mental note: dont talk on phone when making hair decisions.