Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Puff

Well I had great puff weekend I had to share. I am so loving this natural hair of mine. I love watching the progress. So far I only have 2 or 3 thingies that hold my hair back well enough to make great puff and alas as soon as I went back to the mall they were gone. Bummer. Summer is comming and I hope to find something else. I thought there was anatural blog somewhere that sold them...but maybe they were for locs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb good hair pics

My Funny Valentines

a comic strip!

DH and I went to The Melting Pot a fondue resturant with 2 of our closest friends on Valentine's Day. OMG....this was the best stuff EVA!! Now I admit, I went prepared to stop by Wendy's on the way home. I didnt know diddly about fondue except cheese and chocolate but we had a 5 course meal that was simply amazing. The garlic and herb cheddar fondue was delicious! The main course was a platter of various meats: lobster tail, fillet Mignon pieces, salmon, balsamic sirloin, Memphis BBQ, pork tenderloin, honey Dijon chicken, jumbo raviolis, pot stickers that we boiled in this vegetable broth on the stickers. It was so fun and since everything was bite sized it didnt really seem like we ate a whole bunch. Now I admit after a glass of champagne and half a glass of wine babygirl was giggly as hell but it was sooo fun!! The place was pricey but there was nothing that was close to bad. Well worth it. Even the bar has little fondue bowls set up. Can you say Happy Hour!!?

None of the pictures seem to really capture the effect but the hair was on point! She smoothed back and curled up in the cutest puff. I had a brown scarf which was alittle plain but I just didnt want to wear black.


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

MY Puff

I did it...I did it. hey hey I did it. I got a puff...well..more like a poof at this point but its commin! whoohooo! I've been watching Youtube videos on how to tie the hair back with pantyhose and well...even tho I used a nylon sock it worked. Thats not what I used in the pics here but. Ive bought a few premade things to hold it back to see what works. I look at scarves but at $6-$10+ a pop I dont know.

I put a medium brown rinse in my hair. A first for me and I was disappointed. All it did was get rid of most of my grays. But now I know I wont die and my hair wont fall out.

Im thinking about getting crochet braids for a month or two to give me a break. Plus its just too damn cold and I need a protective style.

Im really not doing anything new as far as products although I do get the bug to try stuff sometimes but again...that stuff cost and my hair is diggin what Im doin so I will let it be. Im washing once every 2weeks or so because the puff shrinks like there is no tomorrow. I am thinking about getting a shape up and ends clipped. I havent done anything since the BC. Well....let me lie. I did try to clip a few ends and clipped too much in the front so Im gonna leave it to the pros before I do damage.

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